LGBTQIA Resources for Teachers

Good teachers and administrators are constantly working towards creating and maintaining learning environments where all students cannot only reach their full potential but also feel safe, respected, and cared for. LEARN NC and Safe Schools NC, an organization working towards equality in education, have teamed up to make resources available to teachers to assist in reaching this goal. LGBTQIA Resources for Educators provides resources on LGBTQIA vocabulary, school-related issues, classroom practices and lessons, bullying, and Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) for teachers of all grade levels and content.

While LEARN NC and Safe Schools NC anticipate that this site will continue to grow, at this time there are four chapters of resources:

  1. LGBTQIA youth and schools-this chapter looks at why LGBTQIA issues are relevant for educators and students.
  2. LGBTQIA vocabulary– This section covers the different words used by LGBTQIA individuals including the basic acronym, sex and gender, advanced vocabulary, and discrimination.
  3. Supporting LGBTQIA students– This section contains ways to apply the information in chapters 1 and 2 in the classroom. There are classroom ideas, lesson plans, curriculum alignment, school policy ideas, and sections of being tolerant when you’re not affirming and what to do if your school administration is not supportive.
  4. Student Resources-In this chapter, students can find information about GSAs, online and North Carolina-specific resources, as well as dealing with and reporting bullying.

This is a great resource to help walk teachers through how to expand their own knowledge as well as how to incorporate this knowledge into their classroom in a manner that helps to create and foster a caring and respectful learning environment. Fir more information or assistance in using these resources please visit LGBTQIA Resources for Educators.